roles: member and guest user roles

roles: member and guest user roles

Super Admins
  1. Initially the organization creator
  2. May perform all roles
  3. Add/remove Super Admins and Admins
  4. Access the settings/account page
  1. Add/remove admins
  2. Add/remove users
  3. Manage pages accessible per user
Billing Admin
  1. Administer billing and access the Chargebee portal
Headlines Admin
  1. Edit headlines page
Strategy Admin
  1. Turn on/off why and direction pages
  2. Edit vision, why and direction pages
People Admin
  1. Edit org design teams (geographies, functions, verticals and horizontals)
  2. Add/remove users from each of the teams under settings/teams
  3. Manage pages accessible per user
Member Users
  1. Paid users (usually org-wide, every employee)
  2. Have full access, subject to the security settings on each card and workboard
Guest Users
  1. Can only see the cards and workboards they have been invited to
  2. May not be added to a card or workboad where the security is 'top secret'
  3. Guest Users can:
    1. Add tasks within a workboard they are a member of
    2. Add files and links to cards
    3. Add/edit content on the summary tab of cards
    4. See items on the related tab, subject to their security
    5. See meetings on a card, providing they are also a member of that meeting
    6. Add member/guest users to cards and workboards they are a  member of that have a 'restricted' security level
  4. Guest Users cannot:
    1. Access the following pages:
      1. Headlines page
      2. Heatmap page
      3. Strategy vision, why or direction pages
      4. Strategy dashboard and trending pages
      5. Trending page under ideation
      6. Risks page under workspace
      7. Influencers, innovators and team players under people on workspace
      8. Social teams or social #tags pages
    2. Add a task on upcoming (however they can manage tasks on upcoming that have been created elsewhere)
    3. Add a task, idea or risk from right-hand-side social
    4. Add a task, idea or meeting from the global plus
    5. Access the local plus button on the right-hand-side of opened cards
    6. Add items under the related tab of opened cards

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