sources: how it works

sources: how it works

Source links can be added to any card or workboard.

You can create a card or workboard, then add the source later.

Sources on cards are accessible under the title.

Sources on workboards are accessible under management>summary.

For example, image you:
  1. See a task on upcoming, that is due tomorrow
  2. You open the task, and you see that the source of the task is a meeting
  3. You click on the source link, to open the meeting, to see more about the context of the task (i.e. the meeting or call that generated the task)
  4. You also see the meeting has a source, which is a strategic goal
  5. You click on the source link, to open the strategic goal, to see more about the context of the meeting (i.e. the meeting was in relation to a strategic goal)

At every step, you are encountering a consistent user experience.  You don't need to learn different navigation and layouts as you move up and down across different modules inside #stratapp.

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