unable to login | email not recognized | you don't have authorization

unable to login | email not recognized | you don't have authorization


On a desktop using Chrome or Safari:
  1. go to https://app.stratapp.ai./ and login to your previous #stratapp org
  2. click on your profile avatar at top right, then click on the red button at top right, to log out of that previous #stratapp org
  3. go back to your email inbox
  4. accept the invitation link inviting you to join a new #stratapp org
  5. create a #stratapp password for that same email the invitation link was sent to
  6. proceed to the organization you have been invited to
  7. to access your previous #stratapp org, repeat steps 2 then 1

first you need to logout of your current org | or use Chrome incognito

If you are a member or guest user of more than one #stratapp org, you must first logout of the current org before you can login to another.

To avoid having to do that, you may choose to open the new org (including right-clicking on and saving the invitation link to then open) in a new "incognito window" of Chrome.  This will allow you to login into that second organization, without having to first logout of the current org.

Please note, you cannot access multiple #stratapp orgs by using multiple incognito windows of Chrome.  For security this will only work for one org at a time.

invitation links can only be used once

After you have been invited to a new org, and you have activated the invitation link, you will then need to access that org by going to https://app.stratapp.ai./

That is, for security the invitation link can only be used once.

switching orgs

Even if you have closed all browser sessions, you will first need to open and logout of any current org, before you can login to another.

Two access two orgs at once, you may use normal Chrome for one org and Incognito Chrome for the other org.
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