useful links

useful links

introduction (deck + video)

next-gen connected workspace (video)
engaging people (deck)

rapid onboarding experience (educational videos on the thinking and the doing)

how to make OKRs successful (deck)

7 steps to successfully implement OKRs (blog)

our why (video)

introduction for consultants (deck)

consulting firms - learning from Accenture on growing revenue (blog)

key things to know (knowledge article)

in-app help tips (available on most pages inside the desktop version, click "?")

mobile versions of #stratapp

other resources
the anonymous gavel (video)

OKR methodology for strategy execution (video by the talented founder of Vivino)

global alignment on HQ initiatives made easy (slide showing cascading hierarchies)

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    • sources: how it works

      Source links can be added to any card or workboard. You can create a card or workboard, then add the source later. Sources on cards are accessible under the title. Sources on workboards are accessible under management>summary. For example, image you: ...
    • unable to login | email not recognized | you don't have authorization

      QUICKS STEPS On a desktop using Chrome or Safari: go to and login to your previous #stratapp org click on your profile avatar at top right, then click on the red button at top right, to log out of that previous #stratapp org ...
    • meetings: how it works

      agenda If the Owner checks the tickbox beside the word "agenda", the option to add an agenda appears. Each agenda item can have 2x levels of indented sub-agenda items below them. clock The meeting clock can be run without an agenda. The meeting clock ...
    • roles: member and guest user roles

      Super Admins Initially the organization creator May perform all roles Add/remove Super Admins and Admins Access the settings/account page Admins Add/remove admins Add/remove users Manage pages accessible per user Billing Admin Administer billing and ...
    • key things to know

      getting started You can start with a team, a function, a department or the whole company.  The key is to lead-by-example, at all levels of management. We recommend this quick introduction: Here are 6easy tips to ...