upcoming: how it works

upcoming: how it works

Tasks you create on workspace/upcoming are default confidential.  That is, they are only visible to you, until you either change the security to restricted or add members to the task.

On upcoming, you can view tasks you are the creator/assignor/owner of that have a due date, or tasks you have created on upcoming.

The tasks page under workspace shows all tasks from across all of #stratapp, including tasks from meetings and social.  This is so you can see everything you need to do in one place; you don't have to go looking across each module in #stratapp.

Each week on upcoming will changeover at midnight Sunday. Any tasks that have not been "completed: or "cancelled" from "this week", will automatically populate to the "unallocated" list. You can then drag those tasks out of "unallocated" to the day you plan to do them, or you can leave them in "unallocated".

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